Privacy Policy

Xtravision requires to retain certain data for successful operation and monitoring of the service

The conditions governing this use of data are set out below

1) Personal data

No personal data is stored by Xtravision for the operation of the service

2) User Identification

For the operation of the service a unique id will be assigned to users of the Xtravision service. Certain data related to error diagnosis and monitoring of system usages levels may retain this unique user id.

3) Access Requests

If you live in a jurisdiction where data protection regulation (for example GDPR in the EU) entitles you to request access to data held about you on third party data storage systems then you may make a request to access data held by Xtravision relating to your use of the service. Access Requests should be made from the "Support" option from within the Xtravision app

4) Enquiries relating to this privacy policy

Any enquiries relating to this privacy policy should be directed to

27th April 2019